OCLC services for Library


Classify books, videos, CDs and other materials based on identifier: ISBN or OCLC Number

Using the API

The Classify Web Service is an experimental web service from the OCLC Office of Research. The web services enables users to submit an identifier such as an ISBN, ISSN, OCLC Number, LCCN, or UPC and retrieve information about the classification of that work in Dewey and Library of Congress Classifications. The service also retrieves FAST headings. In addition to the web service, a web interface to Classify is also available.

Terminology Services

Machine-readable access to a suite of seven controlled vocabularies and thesauri
STATUS: Experimental

OpenURL Gateway

An OpenURL-resolving Web service that redirects Web-based applications to provide their end-users direct access to full-text articles and other online resources available from libraries. The OpenURL Gateway pulls OpenURL data from the WorldCat Registry—a global directory for libraries, consortia, archives and museums. (www.worldcat.org/registry/institutions/)
STATUS: Production

xISBN (Web service)

Use this Web service to map book-related identifiers (ISBN, LCCN, OCLC number), based on WorldCat information. Free and subscription versions are available.

xISBN Web service

The xISBN Web service supplies ISBNs and other information associated with an individual intellectual work that is represented in WorldCat. Submit an ISBN to this service, and it returns a list of related ISBNs and selected metadata. The service is based on WorldCat, the world’s largest network of library content and services. Current xISBN database covers 23,227,419 ISBNs.
We also support other books-related identifiers mapping, such as xOCLCNUM as part of xISBN service. 



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